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Continuing the Leica Captivate Experience, Captivate v2.20 has been released.

Following users’ requests, Leica Geosystems has reduced the time gaps between new releases, establishing a release rhythm of about four months. After Captivate v2.10 was released in October 2016, this latest version comes packed with many new features based on feedback from you, our customers.

6 new feature groups

From user experience improvements to quicker data processing, there are many new features. To learn more, visit myWorld to read the comprehensive release notes with each new software version by Leica Geosystems.

Feature group 1 – Improvement of the home screen

  • Extended job search

Before, it could be challenging to find jobs, especially when many jobs are stored on an instrument at the same time. On total stations and multistations, it is now possible to quickly and easily find the required job with the new software update. A search field in the home screen makes it much easier to find the required job.

  • New button to create a New Job

If you want to create a new job, it is no longer needed to scroll the job carousel to the far left or to go back to the Home screen. We added an extra button “New Job” that can be pressed anywhere within the job carousel.

  • COGO apps now grouped in one tile in the app carousel

Easier to find: All COGO apps are now grouped in one tile in the app carousel, leading to a separate COGO menu.

Feature group 2 – When using a total station

  • Measurement Mode icon


Your wish is our command. The new icon Measurement Mode, always visible to see the current measurement mode, helps ensure you use the most appropriate mode at any time.

  • Edit and delete multiple points in a job

Now you can delete multiple points at once and edit the target height of multiple points, saving valuable time. But note the following:

-If a TS/MS reference point is deleted, then all measurements related to that point will also be deleted.

-When editing the target height of multiple points, the height coordinate of all related points will be updated.

Multiple point

  • Easily check and reset the backsight of the current setup

Captivate now gives the possibility to easily reset the backsight of the current setup of total stations and MultiStations.

Feature group 3 – Turn off

  • Turning off Leica Captivate animations

This feature allows users to visually move faster through the screens. The new setting can be made in the Screen, Audio & Text Input.

Feature group 4 – Feature coding improvements

  • Show attributes in the Measure app when linework functionality is on

This time-saving feature allows for editing the attributes of the highlighted code box directly within the Measure app, as soon as the 3D viewer is hidden.

  • Switching between None Linework and Linework for a coding smartbox

Now code boxes can be changed allowing to create “Linework” even with a “No Linework” point code selected.

  • Ability to turn off the searching for codes

The ability to turn off the searching for codes while typing has been added. This features works with point codes only.

Feature group 5 – 3D viewer improvements

  • 3D polyface mesh entities shown as solids

    polyface mesh 300*179

Any 3D polyface mesh entities within any .dxf file(s) attached to a job are now shown as solids for easier visualisation.

  • Improved hiding and showing of .dxf file layers within the 3D viewer

This new functionality allows for quicker and easier turning on and off layers of .dxf files, making the work with attached CAD files even easier.

  • Line width configuration in the 3D viewer

This feature improves readability.

  • Easily change the centreline and working line within the Stake Road and Measure Road apps

The settings can now be made easily by tapping and holding for a context menu.

  • Quicker to turn off or on lines within a road layer

It is now much easier to choose the lines that define a layer – especially when a layer contains a large number of lines.

Feature group 6 – Data import and export improvements

  • Choose to export closed lines as parcels or plan features

In previous Leica Captivate versions, all closed lines would be exported as parcels when exporting to XML. With Leica Captivate v2.20, there is a new setting that allows closed lines to be exported as plan features. For Carlson office software, which can read XML data, the setting should be ticked.

  • Improvements to .fbk export

The export of coding and linework to the AutoDesk .fbk format has been improved.

  • Import of points and lines from .dxf files

This new functionality grants greater flexibility in deciding whether to import vertices only, lines only, or both.

How can the new release be obtained?

Leica Captivate version 2.20 is free for customers owning a Customer Care Package (CCP). Like any other new release, it can be downloaded from Leica myWorld.

In case of any questions, please contact your local Leica Geosystems representative.

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Les om hvordan kunder over hele verden bruker de ulike løsningene våre til å skape smarte endringer.

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