Leica CS25 GNSS plus High-Accuracy Tablet

Unique combination of high-accuracy GNSS and a rugged tablet computer

Leica CS25 GNSS plus high-accuracy tablet

The industry’s most powerful GNSS handheld: The Leica Zeno CS25 GNSS plus is a high-accuracy tablet computer which packs full GNSS functionality into an ergonomic and highly portable device. The CS25 GNSS plus doesn´t require an external antenna, backpack, pole mount or any additional batteries - all you need in one device.

Unique combination of high-accuracy GNSS and a rugged tablet computer
The CS25 GNSS plus packs full GNSS functionality into an ergonomic portable device – making it the industry’s most powerful GNSS handheld. The CS25 GNSS plus supports two setups, as a handheld with a compact antenna mounted on the CS25 GNSS plus or as a pole setup with an external GNSS Antenna.

  • As handheld: <10 cm accuracy
  • With external AS10: centimetre accuracy
  • Access Reference Stations with integrated modem to achieve submetre to cm accuracy
  • Huge data storage space of 128 GB on SSD and up to 2 TB on an optional SD card

Designed for versatility
Integrate your Leica Geosystems tablet computer into the family of mobile solutions. Choose the field software, GNSS accuracy and the setup to suit your workflow and budget.

Excellent sunlight readability and ergonomics

The CS25 GNSS plus is equipped with a 7" color transflective touchscreen that can be operated by finger or stylus. The display has been designed for optimal viewing, to be sunlight readable and backlit for darker conditions.

  • Fully rugged (IP65 and drop protected), and large screen for comfortable viewing
  • Hot swappable battery for continuous use
  • Best mobility, as no poles are required to achieve dm–cm accuracy

Full Windows® 7 environment

CS25 GNSS plus includes the latest wireless communication technology, allowing GNSS-supported mapping applications with direct access to the office.

  • Integrated high-speed communication standards (GSM/UMTS/CDMA, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth®)
  • Windows® 7 Ultimate OS allowing simple and familiar use

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