Reporter Construction Edition

This edition explores how heavy construction professionals digitise operations from design to maintenance, helping professionals realise gains in cost and time savings and increased safety.

President’s Message  

Construction plays a vital role in supporting economies for healthy societies. From infrastructure projects that keep people and goods moving safely to business, commercial, institutional and residential buildings that provide for essential community needs, the construction industry is relied upon for moving civilisation forward.  

Today, the construction industry is in the midst of a disruptive revolution that changes how work is done, how construction professionals’ skills are developed, and how customers interact with construction organisations. The Fourth Industrial Revolution, characterized by a fusion of technologies that is bringing together physical, digital and biological spheres, collectively referred to as cyber-physical systems, has brought about the advent of Digital Construction – improving construction operations and processes with digital solutions. Digital Construction encompasses many things, such as 3D digital modelling of entire construction sites and visualising end-to-end construction project workflows. This evolution enables the industry to be more efficient, productive and accurate while also increasing safety.   

When constructing the world’s largest tunnel connecting Germany and Denmark, the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link, efficiency gains are key to stay on track and budget. Danish construction company Holbøll A/S is using digital machine control solutions on its dozers and excavators to build slopes for the project. The company has experienced significant time savings as the operators are able to move more dirt in less time while reducing rework.      

An excavation project in the heart of the Amazon on the Madeira River provided operators zero visibility for the removal of submerged cofferdam material. By creating a 3D digital model of the under-water environment with machine control technology, the Brazilian construction company Grupo Toni-olo was able to remove the material on the first try and avoid the dangers of sending employees into the unknown site.

A 193-kilometre highway project between the two major Chinese cities of Nanning and Liuzhou was the first in the country to use 3D paving technology. Guangxi Road and Bridge Engineering Group recognised the need to advance from stringlines and employed digital solutions to better protect workers, decrease project delivery time and increase smoothness quality.  
As a core focus, Hexagon provides the means for digitalising construction. Our construction solutions integrate data to create seamless workflows and make entire projects safer and more efficient due to increased productivity through greater integration of technologies. We deliver a construction information management system that empowers executives with top-down visibility, control and management while connecting professionals in the field seamlessly and simply to the day-to-day tasks.
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Juergen Dold
President, Hexagon Geosystems

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Kombinasjonen av landmålingsteknologi og maskinstyringsteknologi hjelper Ängö Entreprenad å levere til riktig tid, innenfor spesifikasjonene og innenfor budsjettet

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Full kontroll over landmålingsjobben med Leica iCON soil compaction-løsningen

Finn ut hvordan Fredrik Larsson tar kontroll over landmålingsjobben og har full oversikt over de ulike stadiene i komprimeringsjobben, ser alle verdier og jobber med dataene i sanntid på et motorveiprosjekt i Sverige.

Maskinstyring gjør livet enklere for maskinoperatørene

Finn ut hvordan Taxus AB drar nytte av det store utvalget av tilkoblede produkter og tjenester fra Hexagons anleggsportefølje i Sverige.

lerbergs entreprenad AB

Arbeid smartere og mer effektivt med maskinstyringsteknologi

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Dirt simple paving – from string lines to complete 3D machine control solution

3D machine control paving solution helps contractor finish a 12-month airfield project within six months in the United Arab Emirates

Building roads in Belgium with 3D stringless paving

3D stringless paving for building a road ramp up to a bridge in Belgium

Snøpreparering til verdenscupen

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Bygging av hurtigforbindelse mellom Tyskland og Danmark

Klargjøring for en av verdens største tunneler med maskinstyringsløsninger

Synchronising workflows with machine control

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Clark Builders’ secret to fast, accurate layout

Cutting-edge digital layout technology to empower a top-ranking general contractor to deliver exceptional service in Canada

3D PaveSmart in China

Extension of the Liuzhou to Nanning Highway

The 193 kilometre highway between the two major cities will be reconstructed and extended from four lanes into eight lanes.

Connecting Denmark with machine control

Building a motorway between Herning and Holstebro in Denmark with machine control

Building road in Norway

Building roads in Norway with machine control solutions

On the job site at Stathelle, excavators dig down to the rocky surface. Following the digitally defined drilling pattern, drill rigs are then used to drill holes into the rock for blasting.

5 ways to increase accuracy and productivity using machine control on a job site

Tips on how to improve the quality on a jobsite with easy-to-use and intuitive hardware and software for heavy construction.
Tips on how to improve the quality on a jobsite with easy-to-use and intuitive hardware and software for heavy construction.

Building the Venice of the North

Building the world’s second largest tunnel crossing the Swedish capital using machine control

Improving infrastructure with automated machine control

Converting summer house area into permanent residencies with machine control in Sweden


New dredging sensors at work in Port of Esbjerg

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Harbour to City Scape

From Harbourscape to cityscape

3D machine control in use for the transformation of Aarhus inner harbour from industrial harbour to urban space.

Intelligent Construction

Taking Intelligent Construction to a new level

Leica Geosystems’ machine control delivers game-changing platforms to help companies prepare for the digital disruption.

Digitalising Construction

Digitalising construction

New cloud solution and web interface helping to digitalise the construction industry

Building the longest road in Greenland

Building the longest road in Greenland

Using 3D excavation technology to construct Greenland’s longest road

Let it flow

Let it flow

Using 3D excavator system solution for a “blind” underwater mission.


Explore our latest heavy construction news and trends that help you get the job done Dirt Simple.
Explore our latest heavy construction news and trends that help you get the job done Dirt Simple.

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